Surveying & Site Inspection
  • Visit properties for initial site inspections.

  • Direct survey field-crew for required site information.

  • Review survey data and existing topographic conditions.

  • Improved Lot Coverage Calculations.

  • Survey water-course stream corridors and provide cross-sections for Flood Studies.

  • Perform slopes analysis for compliance with steep-slopes ordinances.

  • Draft parcel layouts from existing deed descriptions.

  • Soils Testing for Percolation Rates.
  • Witness test-pits and provide soil logs.

  • Monitor groundwater levels with piezometer readings.

  • Interim / milestone site visits, to ensure and verify that project specifications are being adhered to, thus avoiding costly time-line delays, cost and possibility future litigation.

  • Metes & Bounds Descriptions

    • Property Lines and Easements

    • Wetlands Lines and Transition Areas Boundaries

    • Floodway and Flood Hazard Lines

  • Review construction as-built survey for accuracy prior to submittal to the town for certificate of occupancy.

Every Project Starts with an Existing Conditions survey and Ends with an As-Built Survey.
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